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Retainer Program

The Path to Success

  • Initial financial plan with recommendations provided.
  • Financial plan updated at all future meetings.
  • Semi-annual pre-scheduled update meetings.
  • Each meeting addresses all six areas of financial planning:
    • Financial position - Track net worth, cash flow, cash reserves, debt management
    • Insurances - Life, disability, long term care, auto, home, liability, employee benefits.
    • Investments - Review performance, current market conditions, risk profile. Progress toward other goals (education, vacation home etc.)
    • Income taxes - Review past returns and plan for future.
    • Retirement Planning - Confirm projections match goals.
    • Estate Planning - Confirm plan is made, documents are appropriate, asset ownerships and beneficiaries align.

  • Summary letter with follow up steps provided after each meeting.
  • Joint meetings/coordination with other financial professionals (attorney, tax preparer, insurance agent, banker etc.)
  • Cell phone, email access whenever needed.
  • Invitations to all client events.
  • Avoid product related charges whenever possible.

Annual Fee is .25% of non-home net worth, paid monthly by ACH, adjusted annually, $500/year minimum. At advisor’s discretion.


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