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Investing Philosophy

An Individualized Approach

  • Your goals, risk tolerance and investing experiences are unique to you. Your investments should be tailored to you as well.
  • After developing your financial plan, including establishing your risk “number”, we will recommend and oversee a portfolio of investments specific to you.
  • We may recommend utilizing our managed portfolios, portfolios managed by third parties, stocks, bonds, ETF’s, mutual funds, annuities, CD’s, real estate, precious metals etc.
  • We will explain the recommended investments thoroughly, including risks and expenses. Once you give the approval, we will help you implement.
  • We will monitor your holdings and recommend adjustments as appropriate.
  • At every six-month update meeting we will review performance, confirm and review progress toward your goals and if anything has changed regarding your tolerance for risk. Based on these discussions, we’ll recommend appropriate adjustments.

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